My medical training started as a paramedic, continued here in Regensburg with the preclinical studies and was finalized at the esteemed University of Wuerzburg with the clinical part.


In Wuerzburg I also obtained my PhD in clinical epidemiology.

The academic part of my medical education was followed by a grant I received from the goverment of the United States for Primary Care Research, where I studied doctor-patient comunnication and the epidemiology and screening for prostate cancer for two years.


My residency in family medicine took place in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in Asheville, NC USA. All my clinical knowledge took its origin there since I was blessed to have had many great teachers!

Coming back to Bavaria in 2005 I opened my first primary care office close to Salzburg and worked there for seven years before moving back to Regensburg.



Gutenbergstrasse 11a

93051 Regensburg

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Telefax: 0941-999458



Mo-Fr 8-12 Uhr

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Di 14-16 Uhr



Sprechen Sie uns an, wenn Sie gesundheitlich nicht in der Lage sind persönlich zu uns in die Praxis zu kommen. Im akuten Krankheitsfall komme ich gerne zu Ihnen nach Hause!

Liebe Patienten/Innen,

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Dr. med. Rainer Beck, von sanego empfohlen